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THANK YOU so much everyone, for the kindness and amazing support throughout our unexpected journey. This community is incredibly important to both of us, and we love that you all hang out with us every week. We can't thank you enough for all the love you've shown us, and we too love you al1. Please know that the local community is equally important as our online friends. We do donate time and resources to locals in our province, and will continue to support wherever we can with whatever we can as we follow along this freedom revolution.

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It really is the best way anyone can support us. Subscribe to our channels on your favorite platforms, like/rumble/whatever the videos, comment if you have anything you'd like to say or discuss, and share our links with any of your friends who you think may enjoy it. All these things help our community grow, and helps us all find our friends!

Our livestream and replays are of course free to watch, and just tuning in is an amazing way to support us. If you are interested in helping us further connect with our friends, however, to help cover the costs of websites, platforms, promotions, and community actions, we have some options below. We appreciate all those who have asked us about ways they can do this.

Paid Chats / Subscriptions

This would be our favorite option, if you absolutely feel the desire to donate to us, as we do love hearing from our community, and connecting during the livesteam. Entropy is our main hangout, and we love them because they are Canadian, free speech loving, and also happen to be friendly to content creators with transaction fees for the paid chats and monthly subscriptions - oh, AND BONUS, when you subscribe on Entropy you're helping this podcast AND Chis Burke's East Coast Kitchen Party stream (Mon Wed Fri - 7est). Follow Plaid Padre on Entropy - That's Chris!

Rumble, Odysee, and Twitch are all monitored as well, of course, and they have similar options to support us with. We know people love their favs, so we got you.


If you can't make the livestreams, but still would like to donate, we have some ways you can help with our costs. Paypal is one option for now. CoinPayments allows Bitcoin donations, and NOWPayments has several Crypto choices, if that's your thing. We appreciate your help!

Crypto donation button by NOWPayments


Your support through this journey has been amazing, and we cannot thank you enough for all the help you have given us. Tuning in each week to join the conversation together is the best support anyone could hope for. You all have been amazing humans, and we look forward to growing, expanding, and further building this beautiful community we love so much. Thank you!

Sponsors / Affiliates

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