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Thursdays 6-9pm EST.
Faith & Liberty is a weekly podcast based in PEI, Canada, and is hosted by Chris Burke and Stephen Harris. United under a deep desire for freedom, these two discuss the world from their different points of view, with a clear focus on community building in this 'new normal' they are both so opposed to. Follow along as they attempt to bring perspectives and news from the ever brewing worldwide freedom revolution, while enjoying live music breaks throughout the 3 hour stream.

Faith is Chris Burke's liberty. Liberty is Stephen Harris's faith.
Faith & Liberty - Thursdays 6-9pm EST
We also stream live on Rumble, Odysee, and Twitch.

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and also on Bastyon

For those asking how they can support us and our podcast, the best way would be 'super chats' during our live broadcast as we love chatting with our community. Entropy is our main home (follow Chris, 'Plaid Padre'), but we do monitor them all - we do NOT use YouTube. You can send paid chats if you wish, or subscribe with monthly donations. Any of which is absolutely appreciated, but not at all required in order to enjoy the community we love so much.

Coming soon: SubscribeStar

Paypal is also an option for those who can't make the live chats, but still would like to donate. Thank you so much!

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